What's a body conditioner?

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I thought I would do a little breakdown on what my body conditioner actually is, how to use it and why it's so loved. So I think I will start with the why, I created the body conditioner because since having my 4th child I had really dry and sometimes sore skin on my lower legs in particular at times even shaving was really uncomfortable, I had tried lots of different lotions and they just weren't really doing what I wanted. I think as well I lack the discipline to do it every single day and night. Then I started to look into ingredients what they contained and what they were good for. I noticed that a lot of lotions have high percentage of water and also preservatives (that's needed in any product that contains water or may result in water being transferred to it, like body scrubs) I also discovered that there were lots of thickeners and other chemical ingredients that were used purely to make them feel nicer or glide easier, there was very little percentage of what actually made a difference to my skin and helped protect it and nourish it. 

That sort of spurred me on to look at why? To also consider what ingredients were good for the skin, what benefits it and what is just bulk. So I then started experimenting I read a lot about how people didn't like oily or heavy creams, but I also read how butters were some of the best natural ingredients for both nourishing and also protecting your skin. They are rich in natural fatty acids and loaded with all sorts of vitamins that our skin needs to be healthy. I tried lots of different formulas I tried to add in things to make it feel less oily or to dilute or change the texture but it was never what I wanted. The thing is I did want it to be buttery and heavy, I wanted the feeling of thick creamy moisture and the way it went from solid to melting at contact with the warm of your skin made it feel extra special to me. 

So I ignored the noise I did lots of research and i followed my gut, I choose Mango butter because it is incredibly hydrating for the skin, it helps to form a protective layer on your skin and helps to soften. Shea butter because it's a master when it comes to skin, Shea butter has been used in skin care for centuries and is one of natures greatest gifts, it has anti inflammatory and healing benefit which makes it great for delicate and sore skin, its packed full of fatty acids and vitamins and is an all round skin super star. Coconut oil and Aloe Vera are amazing for rapid rehydration and really help sooth skin, which is just what you need especially after shaving. 

I admit I was a little nervous about how it would be received I think that's normal though when you put so much into a product you love, there is always the fear you will be the only one. But I didn't need to worry, the more people tried it the more they loved it all the things I had worried people wouldn't like turned out to be the features people loved. 

My body conditioner is a solid paste it melts into your skin on contact, it is made with all natural oils and solid butters so is very intense but because of the intensity, you are able to see results without daily use, 3 or so times a week before bed will give you a noticeable difference to the feel of skin, but if like many others you want to use it every night then you most definitely can! 

If you have any more questions on body conditioner or any other product, I am more than happy to help. Hayley x


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