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So, here we are I'm writing a blog. Does this make me a blogger? I like to think it does. Not completely sure where to begin but I guess explaining why I decided to write a blog is probably a great place to start. 

I am so incredibly grateful for the support that you have all given me since I set out to on this journey, turning my dream of creating a cosmetics brand into reality. To me it really does feel like this is very much a Happy Soak community you guys have made it that way. The support and feel good atmosphere on my Social media is something I am very proud of because you always hear about the bad side of social media and it is something that need to be talked about but it's not all bad and one of my favorite parts of my business is getting to chat to you all on a daily basis. I can honestly say no matter how big The Happy Soak grows I don't think the social media will ever be something I outsource because being in touch with my customers is so important to me. 

Because of that I was really trying to think of ways I can say thank you and what I can do that's an extra part of my business and so the blog was born. I will be making posts around the business of course but it won't be all work, just like you I have many layers, interests and a family, the blog will be a representation of all the different parts of me not just The Happy Soak. It will allow me to bring a lot more of myself into the business and give you a better look at behind the brand and see the parts that maybe don't get seen as much on social media. I really hope you enjoy the content I bring you please feel free to share, comment or leave me feedback on ideas for my Friday night lives on Instagram or for the blog, I love hearing your ideas so don't keep them to yourself. 

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