The Benefits of body scrubs and exfoliating

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Shall we start with the basics, what is a body scrub? 

A body scrub is usually a paste or drier mixture made with something grainy or course like sugar or salt, to physically scrub your skin, the idea is to remove, dirt and any dead skin cells from the top outer layer of skin this then encourages and stimulates skin cell turn over and leaves you with smoother, softer, rejuvenated skin. 

So do they work for everyone and how often do you need to use them? 

In short no, they won't be good for everyone. they definitely won't be good for people with very touch sensitive skin and some skin conditions, it also will depend on your skin type how often you use them.

You can over do it with exfoliating either by doing it too regularly or by using a very abrasive dry scrub or you apply a scrub to dry skin instead of wet, it's also important not to double up. For example if you have an exfoliating glove or loofer you definitely do not need to use a scrub alongside it this would be incredibly harsh and would likely penetrate more than just the outer layer and end up stripping moisture and leaving you with sore or damaged skin. 

Another reason to avoid loofers and physical tools is they can be difficult to dry out and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

I would say starting with once every 2 to 3 weeks maybe once a week if you have very dry or flaky skin, but remember less is more, we are aiming for a light buffing that loosens already dead skin, you aren't wanting to shed a layer and come out looking like killer croc, so my advice would be to always build and don't over do it. 

What kind of scrub should I use? 

Now that you mention it I happen to know a really good one (enter shameless plug) I really thought hard about all these points when I was formulating my body scrubs because I have dry skin in places, but I also can get sore after exfoliating.

With this is mind I went for a nourishing and healing salt in my scrub that is known for it's many skin benefits, I use fine grain dead sea salt in all my body scrubs. I also make my scrubs quite wet, a few people have been surprised  by this when they've tried them but it was important to put skin first for me, so I use a high percentage of skin loving peach kernel oil which also has regenerative and antioxidant properties, helping to compliment and work well with the dead sea salt. I have also added Palm free glycerin and Aloe Vera juice to help your skin really suck up the goodness of the peach oil as you exfoliate, helping to gently buff away the dead skin at the same time as feeding and moisturising your healthy skin.

How do you use my dead sea salt body scrub? 

It's incredibly easy and a little goes a long way, you can use in the bath or shower. First cleanse the are you'd like exfoliate with warm water making sure your skin is wet, scoop a little scrub out of the tin on to your hand and gentle rub onto your wet skin in circular motions. 

Once you feel all buffed and brand new simply wash the excess off with warm water and pat or air dry to let the oils really sink in. If you're feeling super indulgent (which i hope you do because you deserve it) follow with my deeply nourishing body conditioner.

It really is that simple! you can find my scrubs in the link below, if you have sensitive skin then the limited edition Bubblegum fragrance and the signature Feeling Fruity fragrance are both allergen free.

As ever if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.


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