Shea and Cocoa butter benefits for skin

Posted by hayley white on

I love butters and oils they are a gift from nature, The benefits are amazing and you can pretty much find a natural oil or butter for any skin problem, so I not only created my amazing body conditioner but my mega melts are created with both Shea and Cocoa butters to give you a spa like experience at home. 

Mega melts were one of my very first creations, I wanted products that just absolutely loved your skin and not only smell insane and create beautiful aesthetically pleasing baths but also make you feel stunning once you step out of them. These little disks of joy do just that made from rich, nourishing butters and milks they gently fizz as they slowly melt into your hot bath and release they're milky goodness, stunning fragrance and turn your bath into milky silky goodness.

I wanted two incredible butters for my mega melts so I did some research and the two I landed on were Shea and Cocoa I use unrefined organic butters so you get all they're fatty acid and vitamin goodness in every bath.

Cocoa butter, is a hard solid butter with a sweet creamy natural fragrance and waxy feel to it, it helps the mega melts harden into a solid shape and hold that shape. It has many benefits and has been used in skin care for hundreds of years. Cocoa butter helps to heal and nourish dry and damaged skin it also helps to protect damaged skin forming a waxy protective layer. It is especially good for winter months and for commonly drier areas like knees, elbows etc. this is because it moisturises deep down into all the layers of the skin rather than just sitting on the top.

Shea butter, is similarly nourishing and packed full of fatty acids and vitamins, Shea butter especially natural unrefined Shea butter is said to have additional antibacterial and antioxidant benefits as well as high levels of vitamin A and E, Shea butter can be good for scars and also skin conditions and acne.

So to sum up both butters are incredible and individually deserve the title of super ingredient but pop them together and then add some phenomenal coconut milk powder and your skin will be laughing. If you haven't yet tried our amazing mega melts it's never too late you can find them in the link below.


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