Have you seen our downloadable recipes?

Posted by hayley white on

So we have now been plunged into the summer holidays and after over a year of having kids to entertain at home a lot more than usual I have felt like I have run out of ideas, anyone else?  If you need some new exciting activities to do at home with kids both big and small keep reading.

I did think I likely wasn't the only one so I have come up with a few ways I might be able to help, I have created some downloadable diy bath product ideas, I have tried to make them super easy to follow and can help you to fill some hours of boredom and create special memories for you and your children, I even have some that I think older kids and teens will enjoy doing. 

So if you haven't already checked them out, they are available on my website and my etsy, each download comes with a basic guide to diy products a guide to safe ingredients and ideas on where you could source them, all downloads have been created to provide information only you do not get any of the ingredients needed or a kit included with the download.


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