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If you have been a Happy Soaker for a while and follow my social media, you have probably noticed or even heard me talk about my signature collection. It has occurred to me however that if you are new to the world of bath confetti, mega melts and shower whips you may not know what it all means or what is here to stay and what is limited edition, so I thought this blog might help break it down a little for you.

I decided to create a signature collection so that you could always get hold of your happy soak favourites and once you had found your best loved fragrance you could try it across all of my creations.

My signature products are products that have been completely invented, formulated and created by myself, from the first seed of and idea to the testing making and finalising the recipe and formula. These are always available on the website and include. 

Bath confetti, oil infused loose powder in a resealable pouch, similar to bath bombs in that when this confetti hits the water and creates a stunning fragrance and bath art to boot. 

Mega melts, solid bath melt made with coca and shea butter as well as incredible super ingredient coconut milk this disk shaped delight slowly melts when added to your bath turning your bath into silk.

Body conditioner, A special unique blend of high quality skin loving oils and solid butters including shea and mango, Aloe and apricot this is an intense skin conditioner.

Bubbly bath and shower oil, this is exactly what it says on the tin and amazing blend of cherry and peach oil to help nourish your skin as you bath, mixed with beautiful natural cleansers you can either add to your bath to create foamy bubbles or to a sponge to later and wash with in the shower.

Dead sea salt body scrubs, stunning gentle and nourishing body scrubs made with fine grain dead sea salt, and rich apricot oil and Aloe to help buff away dead skin cells keeping skin soft and healthy.

Bath soaks, my very special blend of sea salt, dead sea salt and epsom salts to create the ultimate relaxing bathing experience and help with achy tired muscles and aide in restful nights sleep.


These products are my regulars and they will always be available no matter the time of year or occasion in the following fragrances.


Feeling fruity, this fragrance is 100% allergen free so great for sensitive skin,

Blooming marvellous, this fragrance is a stunning mix of subtle florals and exotic coconut to whisk you out of the hum drum and into the tropics with each use,

Cwtch up, I am based in Cardiff south wales and Cwtch is the welsh word for a hug, I wanted to honour the place that birthed The Happy Soak and this beautiful fragrance very much feels like a hug in a tub to me, with lavender notes hints of musk and all the relaxing vibes.

Refresh and renew, this Earl grey and cucumber fragrance is stunning its bright cheerful, refreshing and uplifting.

Dreamy Unicorn, this fragrance is the creamiest, sweetest and all round delicious scent to help you reach your bliss with every use. 


But that just isn't enough for me or you, oh no I didn't stop there as well as these incredible products in these incredible fragrances I have also created some amazing, seasonal scents which I will release throughout the year as limited edition fragrances and products so don't forget to keep your eyes peeled and follow my social media so you don't miss out. 


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