Bubbly bath and shower oil

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One of my more recent adds to my signature range was my bubbly bath and shower oil, This was a bit of a slow burner but has recently become one of my better sellers. 

So I thought it would be good to give you all a little more information on them. When I was coming up with my business plan and my product ideas I really wanted to make sure that I had a pretty good range of shower products too. It probably won't surprise you to hear I am  BIG bath fan, but I also am super busy and although i would absolutely love to lie in a bath for an hour every evening (maybe when i've made enough money to hire staff) I simply don't have time and end up jumping in the shower and rushing to the next thing that needs doing. I knew most if not all of you would be the same as me and i really wanted to bring you incredible products tht enhanced your day to day and helped you make the most of whatever type of self care you can squeeze in, even if it is a 20 minute shower for peace and quiet.

So i already the whips which went down so well, and i created my body scrub but thats not something you can use daily, I also knew that there was a call for some bubbles too so I had a play and created the bubbly bath and shower oil.


I wanted something that could create a foamy oily elixir for your bath but that you could also wash with and get the full luxury experience in the shower too.

In order to create that silky smooth feeling I use 50% oil which is why your skin loves it as uch as your senses do, i also use all natural PEG free ceansers to give you the nicest feeling as you shower. 

Because it's all natural and high in oil content you need to give it a good shake up before using. 

To get the best foamy bath add to the bath whilst it's dry before you run the water, to enjoy in the bath or shower simply add a drop to a sponge, lather up and wash away your stress. 



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