Bath and shower meditation

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So we have all heard of meditation and the benefits of doing it every day but have you heard of bath and shower meditation? Ok so I hadn't either but on my quest for a happier life, eternal youth, fulfilled dreams and a rocking body (still working on that one) I decided to venture into meditating. Now to say I was both pressed for time and incredibly skeptical is a pretty big understatement. I am by nature impatient I have ADHD  and also love to be in control, so the very idea of meditation bought up a great number of issues for me. But I really did feel the need to make changes so I dived in anyway and purchased a guided meditation off of etsy and onwards I went.

Now in this meditation and it a lot of others that I sought out they spoke a lot about water, they used it as a visualisation technique a way of encouraging you to imagine or visualise somewhere still and calming. Now that is right up my street because I grew up near the coast I'm a Pisces and I adore water in all it's forms but, I would find myself lying there finding it hard to visualise especially in the beginning. I could lie to you and tell you it's easy but in all honesty it absolutely is not, it feels weird, you feel a little stupid and self conscious if people are around you and if you have multiple children like me you probably struggle for space and time, but having said that stick with it a while because it is now a much bigger part of my life I really enjoy it and it lead me to rediscovering my spirituality and although I am still lacking the rocking bod things are loads better. 

So because I couldn't fit it in with ease I used to do it before bed (still recommend this if time is an issue add meditation to your bedtime routine) but the visualisation was hard, then I thought why not just actually do it when I shower? My kids are all a bit older now, I shower everyday anyway and I normally listen to music when I'm in there it wouldn't take much effort to switch my music out for a meditation recording. So I took my recording into the shower and it was really simple to do and I felt so calm after. Once I'd been doing it a while I was able to lead myself instead of using a recording, I'd just have nice crystal bowls or spa type music in the background. I would imagine my stress as mud or dirt and as I showered I would literally wash it away breath deeply and watch it disappear down the drain. I also use the time to repeatedly say my affirmations and think them this is another thing that has hugely helped my mental health and mindset. I still have low days that's normal but they don't knock me down and I'm nicer to myself.

I've now also included meditation in my bath routine and quite often listen to healing sound baths and do deep mindful breathing, I cannot tell you how well I sleep afterwards. If you have tried meditation before and it's not worked or you don't have any experience but think it might help or you'd like to give it a whirl, I highly recommend using your time in the bath or shower. You can either find a guided meditation somewhere like etsy or you can check out spotify or you tube whilst you're starting out so it doesn't cost you anything. It will probably take a few weeks of doing it everyday to stop feeling a bit silly, but if you can hang in there it's worth it! 



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