Different types of salts and why we use them in baths.

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So I am pretty confident you have heard of bath salts, bath soaks, maybe even bath teas? Have you ever wondered why people use salt in their baths or maybe you've just wondered which salt is best or what each salt does in the bath, What is the benefit of a salt bath?

Well i thought I would do a very brief run down on the slats i use in my products the benefits of them and why I love them. So my bath soaks are made up of a blend of salts, I also currently sell a dead sea salt body scrub and I of course have a little something up my sleeve for future release that also has a blend of different salts in. So why do I use salt, to completely simplify it, it's AMAZING! 

I am a massive salt lover, I can genuinely feel the benefits of salt baths and i use them a lot in my spiritual practice and meditation too, they completely cleanse and rest me, they help me to sleep, ease my achy feet or sore muscles. I also find them beneficial with helping ease my restless legs and chronic pains, eve though it's only a temporary relief having a hot salt bath helps to ease the tension in my joints and my stiff muscles, water in general is great for this and so is salt so put them together and it can offer you a temporary space to breath.

In my products I use 4 different types of salt, I use Pink Himalayan salt, Sea salt, Dead sea salt and Epsom salt.

Pink Himalayan salt, It nourishes your skin but it also has a balancing and detoxifying effect on your skin helping to restore or balance your skins natural PH level. It helps to draw out toxins and is antibacterial, can aide tight joints and is even said to help with a restful nights sleep, I mean that alone is enough of a reason to love it!

Sea salt,  bathing in sea salt is the ultimate in relaxation, much like pink Himalayan salt, sea salt helps aide detox and also helps to keep skin healthy and nourished. Sea salt is said to beneficial for anti aging, healing and softening the skin, sea salt aides even dry skin by aiding hydration and improving the skins texture. 

Dead Sea Salt, is amazing for muscles and joints, it's said that bathing in a warm bath with dead sea salt can help with almost instant relief from tight muscles and aches and pains. Rich in minerals salt baths help diminish stress and aide relaxing.

Epsom salts, can help reduce swelling and muscles aches, they are great for soaking tired feet after a hard days work, or a long bath to try to ease your body after a tough gym session. Epsom salts are also meant tot be soothing for those with irritable skin or itching. Help to promote sleep and aide stress reduction.

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